Friday, September 23, 2011

What's your Kitchen Bible?

So I as, I was making my coffee this morning I was thinking to myself every cook has one or two cook book that are like there Kitchen Bible.  That cook book you always find yourself searching for when you need just one more recipe. I have to admit up until a few ,month ago mine was the Joy of Cooking. The Joy of cooking has always been near and dear to me, because it was the one cook book I remember from my child hood in my Grandma, Moms and Aunt houses. When my mother passed away three years ago, I asked my Step Dad for her copy of The Joy of Cooking , which was from 1980 and held allot of sentimental value to me. So if you had to ask me what My Kitchen bible was it is The Joy of Cooking, because lets be honest here cooking should bring a sense of joy and happiness to you and the people you get to share it with..

This was my Mom's Cook book .

Another cook book that has become like a staple in my kitchen is 1001 Delicious  Diabetic recipes. This book has so many awesome recipes in it. I have not gotten the chance to try them all , but I am looking forward to testing them out here and there. I have to say the recipes I have tried I have loved. They have an amazing banana Bread Recipe that I may have to share with you all at some point. When i was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I thought it was the end of my food life until my husband found this book for me, and I met my nutritionist. It's nice to know there is still good  healthy food out there that is not boring and pre-packaged. Honestly I think in away having to change how I eat has brought about a whole new love and adventure in food for me and I love that.

This Book Rocks!

Now I do stumble upon and come up with several of my own recipes, and I find recipe boxes just aren't my thing. For awhile I was just using a three ring binder till one day last October while My family and I where visiting New Orleans, We stumbled upon a cute little cooking store in the French Quarter where I found the neat recipe holder and it was everything I was looking for. It was a three ring binder, with a measurement chart break down on the inside cover several dividers and pockets for cards and recipe sheets. let me tell you if don't have one you need to find one, they are an amazing way to save family recipes and one  you find allot the way. These three book are where I go when I need inspiration for something to cook.

Love This book and it is something I can pass on to my son.

The last place I find myself looking when I can't find what I need in these three books, is the Internet. I have found so many awesome recipes out there. there are some really awesome websites out there and you can find just about anything  and  all the information you need to go along with it. I will list a few of the sites I use below for you so that  you can check them out yourself.

I guess this is all for now. I will see you all Monday, as I have a busy weekend ahead of me and a chili I need to get making. have a wonderful and amazing weekend !

Brooke Rochelle

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